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Phase One
Actor's Career
Development Classes

"My Coaching Program is geared, equally, towards working actors or aspiring newcomers. No one in this fascinating yet demanding industry is
saved from falling off grace, no one. If you are already working then you know it; but one thing is for sure, the better prepared and consistent you
are-especially at improving quickly, the greater your chances to work and to have a long lasting career.

Many like you aspire to be Stars! A great talent lives and loves his craft, yes! But first you need to be aware of your own strengths, your
presence! Energy and context within the industry you chose as your career.

A solid preparation is the key."

                   Alejandro Jesus Riley
     The Actor’s Career Formation for Film and Television (ACF), is AJ's newest program. It is a wide-ranging course
    divided into three stand-alone levels. The program is an exciting journey that will take you from learning the history of the
    Entertainment Industry to how to increase your own presence and deliver outstanding auditions.

    The Program covers areas including history of Film & Television, industry leaders, career points, personal development, production
    basics, managing auditions, interviews and study mechanics among others.

    ACF is geared towards working actors and aspiring newcomers (considered after Orientation or Individual Interviews).

    Class sizes are always small to maintain individual attention to every student. Ten students or less per class. Levels One and Two
    run for three months each; and Level Three runs for four months.

Time to step up and train like an Olympian!

Have you been practicing, taking good classes, reading, watching movies & shows; auditioning over and over without really getting much results?
Yes, you've done a few things here and there, brag about and settle for it, but... you and I know that is not the goal of a professional.

Aren't you tired of following everyone’s “You should do this list,” of Hollywood's Myths without seeing a pay-off for your efforts?
Did you settle for myth #1: It will take you years and years before you become a working actor?
You know there are people out there booking every day! People like you, with your same passion and goals. But when most people think about it,
it feels better to join the popular excuse than take more actions.

And my last question is,
"Does all that really make sense to you?"  

Well, here is a great opportunity to do something about it! A chance to revamp your strategy, increase your confidence, and re-ignite your inner
fire to make better choices.

My Coaching Program will help you not only expand your Industry knowledge but it will teach you  how to effectively increase your confidence
levels and your presence, to new heights! Why is this even important? Because in our industry, rather than just booking you want to be
remembered! You want to leave a solid, authentic and lasting impression with every opportunity you have.

You will develop effective self-evaluating methods that will teach you how to overcome your greatest personal challenges and to ensure that not
one day goes by without improving personally and professionally.