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    "Aj is known for his for his one-on-one coaching approach to success and his ability to
    empower talent to stop making excuses and rise above their own expectations. He is also
    known as a speaker and for his photography."

    I believe everyone deserves a good chance... I had mine. I know what it can do for you! I am committed to
    help people find effective ways to reach their goals, their visions. We deserve it! Education
    of any level and a good strategy, always open up great opportunities, attracts prosperity and strengthens
    the Spirit.

    I also believe the world could use better prepared role-models. We need more Positive
    influences everywhere, especially in the media, to help our current and younger generations.

    My grandmother was my first great mentor. She never learned how to read or how to write, but
    she was the wisest person I've ever met. As a kid, growing up around extreme  poverty, she gave me
    through simple words the key to succeed in life: Faith in myself in spite of circumstances, the value of
    forgiveness and the strength to overcome fear.

    The most consistent aspect of my life has been "change." I welcome change, new experiences,
    knowledge, and wisdom in all forms.

    Gratefulness keeps me going... I thank God, America my Home, my family, my friends, my mentors, my
    students, and everyone who  chooses to work with me for the opportunity to be part of their experience.
    And lastly,

    When I was 13, my father told me on his deathbed that he'd realized how much time he'd spent
    working so hard to have things, to save money, and to live up to other's expectations, and he could not
    take any of it with him. First time I saw deep sadness in my father's eyes. He said he regretted not doing
    more of what he really loved and enjoyed... He made me promise I would not make the same mistake...
    Those were his last words to me.

    ... I did listen. I still am...

    Alejandro Jesus Riley.